Monday, April 28, 2014

Connecting the dots - demonstrating the importance of public arts funding

Saturday night, Miranda Mulholland was the featured artist at Soulpepper’s Cabaret series.  I had the good fortune to be among the sold out audience.

Beyond the fabulous music, what intrigued me was the conversation with Miranda, a young indie artist.  She shared stories about her career, her artistic goals and her gutsy move to start her own record label in the volatile music industry.  She embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that is increasingly evident in many young artists. 

And out of the blue, Miranda recognized and appreciated the role and contribution of public funders.  She gave a shout out to FACTOR, the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and the recently launched Ontario Music Fund.

For an arts advocate and cultural policy wonk, it was refreshing to hear this come from the stage on a dark Saturday night.

The work of cultural funders and policy makers does matter.  It’s great to see the connection between the artist, the audience and the policy and funding wonks in the background.  

Thanks Miranda. 

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